The word ‘Modernity’ or modern age is associated with individual. It’s base is in heart and mind of the human. The quality of thinking , behaving and working in society depicts the intension of individual’s mind. Modernity- It never comes with fashion and the things you carry. Rather it comes with the thoughts and believes Which […]



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A Message is all needed to show care and concern.

A message to remind and memorise somebody about something or someone.

That shows your love , your affection, your effort, your wills and wishes.

Sometimes it lessen your problems and distances too.

It keeps heart and emotions.

It tells you what is never said.

It makes what is ever broken.

Try showing concern to your near and dear and all those who are far far away places. Make them joyous. Some might be waiting for your affection and your words.

Find good things out of this technology.

Thanks and keep reading.

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Being stupid!

Yeah, you read it correct. I am talking about being stupid. Yes we act sometimes this. We behave stupid for short time and sometime for longer.

Hey readers, I am writing after a while. And its a good feeling to resume with this article. I hope You will relate and comment your view.

So what is being stupid?

When You are not you, you are stupid. The moment You ignore your instincts you become stupid. The ‘time’, which you can’t turn into you favour. The moment when you don’t persue your wishes.

Its proven fact that when you dedicate yourself toward your wishes, you achieve it. Their is no excuse. If you give excuses you behave stupid. Every now and then and every single moment we are in something but we should be indulge in something not in to something.

How there is difference to be in something and indulge in something?

when you are busy doing something worthy you are indulge but when you are just busy in some task for all the time you are in to something.

So Understanding your time and productivity of time is important.

Evaluate your every single day that how much you being productive and how much you being stupid.

Thanks for reading!

Messed up?

One should always be managed in life.

being messed up is like being cursed.

When you are not stand and not independent, you are nothing. This life asks for true dedication towards your living style. Your aura and personility should be of strong vibration. You should be free of your decisions , and actions. Why to be dependent on somebody for your own life.

Everyone gets lesson in one’s life with any incident or something. So one should not waste that lesson. Consider is an enlightment. Even each insult is also a lesson.

Keep yourself unpuzzeled with everything like relationship, money, work, food etc.

Chin up! & Feet on the ground!


At a point of time in life, we all have to stop to think and evaluate . How we have travelled and how far we have to go. when you see yourself at a better place at the very moment, it means your deeds were good and you worked harder to be at right place. But when you find yourself at a place where you holds nothing, then you have to blame yourself only and your surroundings. And thenafter it doesn’t matter that even if you have worked harder or did fine deeds. Only blames rest.

According to me, ‘Only Situations are just favourable and unfavourable, so folks are needed to behave favourable always . Because situations are not in hand but your behaviour is.’


It’s been hollow

Since I remember

Heart shuffles

to reach somewhere

but it’s always on the drag

No light and rain found

in the way of the life

the less was rest in hand

Got slide like sand

Its again hollow in the end.

Tough times & emotions!

It’s just a phase , some mood swings.
Few situations of up’s and downs.
This is time, who is testing us.
Nothing is parmanent.
We will be fine.
Tentions,  problems, pain and sorrow , these all drag us to the anger. And it’s natural.
All we need to hold ourself tightly.
Build up understanding.
Help each other.
Do not be self centred.
Think of lessening your pain but their also.
Don’t speak much, specially when you are in anger.
Just ponder, it will help you to calculate everything and will lead you to some solution.
Staying silent sometimes solve situations.
So its all about controlling yourself.

Build wisdom and stay strong