Diving Deep

You are like an interesting book to me . I can’t stop myself to read you whole day and night. Holding you in my hands and never ever want to put you down. Either I am reading you or embrace you by closing my eyes. On every page of you, I feel magic. Each and […]


If you are able to walk, talk, move, or do what you want, you are incredibly wealthy person in the world. Be thankful what you have and cherish love and happiness. “Chin up & feet on the ground”.

Holy curiosity!

Let your curiosity wander unleashed. My favourite words are possibilities, oppurtunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors you create possibilities. Don’t take things as granted. If you just accept the world as it is without trying to dig deeper, you will certainly lose […]

The Sunshine Blogger award

I am very glad that I have been nominated for the sunshine blogger award. This is my first award nomination in blogging since I have started. I am thankful to Chiru who has nominated me he is versatile blogger . He always write heartfelt blogs on different aspects of the life.you should also go for […]

The Fortitude

Strength of spirit, or fortitude, helps us cope with difficulties and overcome our limitations We have within us a tendency to give way, to be soft on ourselves, to refuse to take on any laborious project because of the effort involved. In other words, human nature, created by God for the highest things but weakened […]

It’s really not that hard

In today’s world, everything moves so fast – our thoughts and words included. How often do we actually stop to vocalise the little compliment or kind greeting that we thought, but were in too much of a rush to say? “Words” which we use to communicate has consequences some are good and some are bad. […]