Something has happened
Everything got changed
It’s not like same
Watching outside from window pane
Memorising what I keep in me
Revisiting the heart I have seen
It’s tough to dream in day 
Still I close eye to feel that way
Some I keep for the night
And thinking of all very tight
Some gone and some drowned
Little rest but I am keeping my best
Believing to be kept as same
Expecting love every now and then
Something has happened
Everything got changed

My reverie!

A thought of us is all divine

Open wide sky ,sun-kissed and revive

the beautiful terrace and Clinking of glasses,

Tables of the bar and chairs of the restaurants.

the vacant alevators  and hand in hand.

mirrors of the hotel and images of us.

The road trips and the waterfalls.

It’s so fascinating when I dream of us.

desires of watching Effiel tower and the dawn on the beach.

Imagination of things and dreams so live in heart of each.

High on love but low in fate.

Being so far but still so near.

Unforgettable eyes, remains so clear

Whenever I think of us I think of love.


Rare is the soul who holds my heart. It’s difficult to find again that space. Love at It’s best and eyes are somewhat holding me back all tight.

Rare is the heart which can be felt. Everything is there but meaningless when one is not there. It’s your presence in me which will b always there no matter what else changes me.

Rare is the feelings which makes us happy. A good felt feelings and emotions always rest in heart as a pearl in the seabed.

After you everything is just a drama .


Everything worthwhile in Life is won through surmounting the associated negative experience.

Any attempt to escape the negative, to avoid it or quash it or silence it, only backfires.

The avoidance of suffering is a form of suffering.

The avoidance of struggle is a struggle.

The denial of failure is a failure.

Hiding what is shameful is itself a form of shame.

Pain is an inextricable thread in the fabric of life, and to tear it out is not only impossible, but destructive: attempting to tear it out unravels everything else with it. To try to avoid pain is to give too many damns about pain.

In contrast if you’re able to give a damn about the pain, you become unstoppable.

Third place

Neither your room nor my terrace

Not on the phone call or even not on the text messages

It’s a place where we meet in our minds, in our imagination

You Being there and m being here

We create and feel the third place somewhere

No need to be present infront of each other

Its a presence of yours in my mind in, my heart

Its a feeling not of touch but of emotions

Your tears and my sobbings

Your laugh and my smile

Your thoughts and my thinkings

Your love and my wantness

All meet often in that third place

Without exchanging the sip of the cup

And without seeing into each others eyes

Without holding hands 

No expressions

No sayings

Not even dreams share

Still “We” share everything on that third place.

#Falling apart

To have felt too much is to end in feeling Nothing!

Its so cruel existence 

Agony of skin and sin beneath

Breath so cold as dieing

Heart gasps for life

Wrecked like nothing

Nothing rest like mine

Seeing everything on edges 

its gonna fall

Far away out of sight

This life Is so cruel

That even I couldn’t hold for while

Can we ever be able to summerise

All over life on whole?