The Fortitude

Strength of spirit, or fortitude, helps us cope with difficulties and overcome our limitations

We have within us a tendency to give way, to be soft on ourselves, to refuse to take on any laborious project because of the effort involved. In other words, human nature, created by God for the highest things but weakened by sin, is capable of both great sacrifices and of great treachery.
I see “the fortitude” as a patience because petience teaches us to love our dream in daily form to achieve it.

Patience is a part of the virtue of fortitude.

It is well known and understood that we need to fight with obstacles to find a way to get the thing what we want. But sometimes we forget the spirit with which we started. At that point we need to remind only not giving up on our dream..
The point of time when we decide to drop , that’s the time where you need to take pause instead of giving up.
One should always keep recalling and reminding his/her dreams and the spirit with which he started.
Your confidence is your real jewel when you wear it with pride you are the most beautiful person.
Only we need to know that how to carry it with you.
When it feels tough,start loving it.

When it seems far,start looking for it.


It’s really not that hard

In today’s world, everything moves so fast – our thoughts and words included.

How often do we actually stop to vocalise the little compliment or kind greeting that we thought, but were in too much of a rush to say?

“Words” which we use to communicate has consequences some are good and some are bad. It is always powerful to make things beautiful and memorable and sometimes it ruin and hurt.
You may forget your deceitful speech but the receiver can never. You may never know how deep it can hurt somebody. And the day when you realise, everything is out of your hand.
Because the words once spoken can only be forgiven not forgotten.

Our mind is so busy and sometimes so much in anger that even we cannot control what should we speak.
And it results a deep regret about what we did.
So, Always choose to be soothing to someone’s

Yes, sometimes situation gets complicated but it’s really not that hard , if you try you can control.
Instead of bursting out ,stay silent for that particular moment.
Because we know perverse tongue crushes the spirit and soothing tongue is a life of tree.


Gentle words turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Touch has memory

A touch of skin to skin is magical.

It is very easy to understand but hard to observe. Human body sends the essence of every single touch to our mind and even soul. And that way our body/soul/mind keep collecting all the touches as memories. And it never ever forgets.

It is incredibly amazing when you feel that how a person remember another person just with a touch without listening and seeing. It is because we humans possess the magical sense to remember averything lifelong.

A best example of this magical touch is a relationship of baby to mother and a lover to his beloved. The affectionate touch is the way to keep somebody in your memories forever.

And that is why we shake hands or hug with warmth to make memories.

A blind can feel or recognise every single touch and smell of person he/she met with. It just proves that we collect memory as we touch anybody with affection.

Every single touch has its story

be careful before you make one

With time it will give u glory

be cheerful and have the fun.


I felt reflection of his soul on mine.

As he opine,

That I was the only gem in his life which makes him feel divine.

It was kinda sunshine

Which made me feel as top on nine,

Incredibly fine.

I felt that time as he was all mine,

Like a Complete divine.


“Those who wait to be happy can never be happy”

I have heard this kinda philosophy from almost every person, even philosophers believe and also explains happiness in little things and in present time.

But what if you tried to find happiness and being happy and you failed??

You tried to cherish all the goodness of yours to make others happy.
You served everything you could do.
You followed all the good sayings of the ideal person but still you couldn’t make it.
Where is the problem then?

It’s like your favourite pastry is served to you and you are happy but next moment you don’t want to enjoy it.
You are keeping faith that you are happy now but it’s not really feels like.

Meanwhile you have something back in your mind that you want something else than how can you be happy.
You are looking for to achieve what is in your mind.
Means you are looking for your happiness in future.
And for now you are trying to be happy.

In nutshell, the thing which cannot make you happy now can never give you happiness. Instead of wasting your time and practice to compromise you should run after your dreams.

Finding my oasis

I can’t b patient anymore
I m tired up & fired up .
m bursting out my head .
There is no wound but still want to b healed up.
The way it’s have been since so long , I don’t want to keep the same anymore.
It’s like m helpless , looking for a soul to set me free..
M crying for what was nvr meant to b mine.
It’s like so many empty places I have around me.
I can’t find my oasis..


“Only those can see the magic who believes in the magician.”

I have seen a raising child who was just below average and demotivated. I don’t know why I had faith in that child. I used to start talking with him in a very jolly nature because he was very shy and quite. I always tried to show him that I am just like him and that was the only way I made him realize that he was not alone. Days passes away, now he too started talking with me with confidence. My faith in him took me so far that when I return I can see a magical journey with that little child.

Sometimes great things or you may say unexpected things come with appreciation. Only you need to make that person differently able.

Today I read a news that a teacher thrashed I child because she was not prepared for exam.

Our teachers need to remind that every single child has different mind. A teacher needs to handle the child with love and appreciation not with threats.

I have felt and observed that how a person can be a magician.

So, let’s the magic began.


The word ‘impossible’ itself spells, ‘I’m possible’. Napoleon Bonaparte once remarked, “That the word ‘impossible’ is found only in the dictionary of fools”. In this world, everything is possible on the basis of will power, dogged determination and sacrifice.

To accomplish the most difficult tasks, you need to put in a lot of hard work, extra perseverance and concentration on a single objective. You should have patience and faith in yourself. You should have determination, dedication and devotion to attain success. Never bother about the results. Keep on going even if the pace is slow. Just ensure it remains steady.

You are bound to face obstacles en route to success, but with courage and perseverance, you can master them. Your positive attitude and clear frame of mind determine your future. In this world, there is no such thing as CHANGE. By your own ideas, will and ability, you can create a number of chances, circumstances and the desired atmosphere to achieve the toughest goal.

Chin up & feet on ground.😊


In this modern era we live with desire to live a perfect life and to live that wishful life we start forgetting every other things. The things which are most important part of our life.

We always hide our flaws to pretend that there is no imperfections, our mistakes which gives us lessons, our lies which gives strength to understand the importance of truth. Why we do so ? Answer is very simple just to show that “I am perfectly fine” .

Have you ever thought to say that I have a precious scar which reminds me the part of my life and I love to wear it, instead of saying that there is no scar and I am perfectly fine.

Or to admit that I did mistake and wow what a wonderful incident it was which taught me a lesson.

Or confess that yesterday I lied to you but today I want to apologize because I know now the importance of yours.

Untill we didn’t go wrong we don’t know what is right.

If we never taste the lie or mistake how we are going to judge what is taste of truth and correct things.

When the mistakes, lies & scars taught us a lot why we need to ignore and hide it. We should feel blessed that we got chance to improve it and thanks to that mistake.

We should wear our flaws and every incident with proud to show that this is me instead of pretending wrong and saying the false that I am perfect.

We should “embrace” what life gives us because that only makes us perfect not lies.

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