Being stupid!

Yeah, you read it correct. I am talking about being stupid. Yes we act sometimes this. We behave stupid for short time and sometime for longer.

Hey readers, I am writing after a while. And its a good feeling to resume with this article. I hope You will relate and comment your view.

So what is being stupid?

When You are not you, you are stupid. The moment You ignore your instincts you become stupid. The ‘time’, which you can’t turn into you favour. The moment when you don’t persue your wishes.

Its proven fact that when you dedicate yourself toward your wishes, you achieve it. Their is no excuse. If you give excuses you behave stupid. Every now and then and every single moment we are in something but we should be indulge in something not in to something.

How there is difference to be in something and indulge in something?

when you are busy doing something worthy you are indulge but when you are just busy in some task for all the time you are in to something.

So Understanding your time and productivity of time is important.

Evaluate your every single day that how much you being productive and how much you being stupid.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Being stupid!

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    Yes indeed there is too much stupid in the world that is why so any people are being deceived and let around like herd animals by the MSM and Mobs! Not a good sign of what is coming to humanity soon!
    Brainwashing is going on right this second and every second of every day! Think about social media platforms they all revolves around FOLLOWERS and so many people live to get followers but what are people being trained to FOLLOW and think as FOLLOWERS all day long! Years ago when people lived totally real lives not on social media they were busy surviving doing their daily work then when they had spare time they could rest and read some book or do some artistic pastime but they were not being trained like parrots or creatures that have no minds of their own. People were totally more independent from the multitude of things going on in the world they were separate and apart but not each is a part of the whole and like a giant school of fish in a sea they move in accordance with patterns and conditions placed upon them by rulers or governments to condition them to think and behave according to prescribed dictates and agendas! We see this parrot behavior in groups like Antifa or BLM and many other organized mobs as well in much smaller local community groups, but in all of these a narrative is applied through Mass Media and Social Media to influence the masses and there is a dark plan in all of this being inspired by the master of all deceptions the Devil! Not looking good at all for you human race if this continues much longer!
    Here is a little something I wrote at the start of the year and I must say nothing has changed much at since then!
    Can people really change you may ask? I pose another question to answer that!
    Can people really try and do they try, genuinely try, to alter their ways or thinking comprehensively and permanently? If they won’t actually try then talking to them about change is like speaking to a blank wall or as if they are giving lip service to be in the groove with the status-quo and say my New Year’s resolution is to do such and such then why bother saying anything if it’s not a true commitment, and therein lies a massive problem in today’s modern society of instant gratification and too much to be had, which easily transports us to this sad destination, lack of commitment, by many people in many walks of life; in general I think fewer people make lasting commitments that mean anything in today’s fast past dynamic flowing digital age where things are not only here today and gone tomorrow but with the blink of an eye a person can be on to bigger and better things or so they may think, when in actuality are deluded and living in a trance induced by multiple delusions coming at all of us from all directions at once in the cyber-istic high-tech world we are all now caught up in where MSM plays with our minds and manipulates to keep the truth from us and to cause us to believe falsehood as truth! Master plans of deception abound and we are like the fish of the sea moving in massive schools with the tide, currents, food supply and other stimuli like predator avoidance. They tend to be doing what they must habitually to carry on and live or survive just for the sake of surviving; an instinctual thing.
    Here is that full essay in case you want to read it.
    God bless you!
    I hope something in this long response will help you and any followers to see more truth! Then a person can change for the better!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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  2. Excellent blog post idea and something for everyone to really think long and hard about! This is why I was inspired to reblog it, because it is something very important to consider but I want nothing in return it is only to help! Thank you for helping me to see!

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      1. Absolutely Divya! You can tell I don’t like so much the waste and stupidity of the internet and the High Tech Age we are all caught up in, so yes we must navigate it and face reality! But the valuable content can be hard to find, so I appreciate what you boldly stated here as Truth! I respect that and you! Hope you are doing well and if I can help always feel free to let me know!
        God bless you!

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      2. Good to hear that you are grt Divya, and you’re definitely doing some grt thinking too! I’m doing well thank you!
        Keep going like that and be blessed!
        See you again soon I hope! 😊

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