Sometimes we easily fall prey.

I am sharing my experience which happened to me a few days ago.

It’s all about bad timing and bad luck that you are caught by some fraudsters. Another thing I have observed is that you get in trouble when you are already in trouble and you are disturbed. When we are disturbed or looking for some solution and help, Some people around get the opportunity to make us fool.

A few days before I made a bid on a project content writing. It was my first bid at I just started trying to get income as it was a great requirement for me and I was quite disturbed.

I had very less knowledge about the rules and guidelines of this platform. I was knowing that my bid is not going to be accepted but then I got a message from Parul Sachdeva (the client). S/he showed interest in my bid which was for ₹20000. It was obvious that I was happy and super excited because of two reasons first that I was going to have money in my pocket within a month and second was that I would start writing professionally.

Then after having the conversation, the client asked me for a security amount and s/he convinced me that it was supposed to give. A doubt occurred in my mind that it can be a fraud. Then I thought yeah s/he may be right. I paid just because I didn’t want to lose the opportunity.

Further s/he asked me for 10% of the bidding amount. Now this time it shook me that this was a fraud for sure. I planned to quit. Now again s/he convinced me that this amount is also important and in all these situations I couldn’t search for the authenticity of the rules. But did a little research which said that 10% of the bidding amount should be given by freelancers only, but I missed the information that these payments are not allowed to make out of the website. No client or freelancer can do financial transfers out of the website. And there I got stuck and I transfer the amount of ₹2600

It’s been a few hours now and the bid was still open I asked my client why the bid is still open please freeze it. S/he replied ‘if you have doubt don’t start working. You will get confirmation from the freelancer then only you start working.’

Wow… S/he again convinced me to believe. I again trusted. Further the project got disappeared from the website. I asked him what it is? I was knowing that I have been cheated but still, I didn’t lose my temper and didn’t blame him for a thing because I was curious to know what she will tell me now.

Actually, I tried being nice even to the fraudster. And I don’t know why I did so. Maybe I thought that she might have done it with some genuine purpose. But fraud is fraud. I am also going through bad phases in life but I never cheated anybody for money. I think normally people don’t do so to fulfill their needs.

Do you know what happened next? The fraudster felt something I guess. S/he might be thinking that how can a person be calm after getting cheated. I requested her and now I tried convincing her to return my money with politeness. Now she got melted with my politeness and calmness.

S/he asked me that “Are you on Snapchat?”

No, I replied. She asked me to install it. I denied having thought in my mind that now she might be further misleading me. She convinced me again by saying that she wants to tell me about the further process of refunding.

I installed and connected with PARUL SACHDEVA who was not a lady. I was amazed again. Now I was literally feeling angry.

This boy now introduced himself again with a fake name and was asking for forgiveness for cheating me. He listed his excuses and put them in front of me.

He narrated a fake story again that how much he is in need of money. And he is having regrets about doing all those things.

I was again knowing that he is making me, but I listened to him again. And He was amazed by me that why I am not losing my temper. Finally, he asked me that “aren’t you angry with me? don’t you want to burst on me? “

He literally was waiting for me to shout. I asked him then about his plans. How he is doing all these things? I asked him about what if he got by cyber security people. He said he is not doing anything with his name and he has created a fake profile for everything. A bank account, email, freelancer account, and many more Apps.

He also told me that he invests so much energy to trap freshers. And this money is his hard work earnings.

OH M G! Fraudsters are very hardworking.

This conversation doesn’t stop here.

Now, he is interested in knowing me. I played a game now in revert. I made him realize that he has done wrong to a very poor girl who is all alone in this world and helpless, eagerly seeking a job/work.

I made him believe. That I had that money only which I transferred to him as a freelancing work fee.

He believed me. Apologized me. Showed regrets and humanity. Meanwhile, I was thinking that fraudsters have also emotions.

Wow, It was like playing with a bad person and changing him into good.

Finally, he promised to return my money.

Oh! that was not easy. there is much more in this story.

He offered me to join his fraud work to get my money back. This means he was asking me to help him get more traps so that he can compensate for what he is going to return.

Amazing! he is thinking of doing humanity but doesn’t want to make his loss.

I politely denied it by saying that I am not a person like you. And I am not going to cheat anyone for my good.

He said Okay. No issues. Then I have to do it on my own. And when I will earn from somewhere, I will return to you. you have to wait.

Here I left without responding to him now.

He kept sending me messages.

The next day he asked for my UPI so that he can transfer back.

So, finally, you have another trap, I asked?

He said No, I am still at loss. Oh my god! I burst into laughter. A fraudster is talking about his loss by cheating people. I mean what is this. Then what about good people?

I have given him the details so that he can transfer them back. But wait, now he wants something else. He started showing affection for me. Now he wants to know about me by saying that I have impressed him with my huge politeness.

This was the time I lost my anger. I spoke to him all the bad words I knew.

Then what. The other game begins. And literally, now I left him by saying a single sentence.

Listen, you Froud, You have my details to transfer back. In case you have made up your mind to give my money back you can. Else You can keep it. And don’t you dare to try to contact back to me. I have good reach in customs. It will not take me too long to catch you. So stop playing the game.

By then only I received the money.

I got apologies also.

But I didn’t spare him. I reported him on the Freelancer website and to the bank customs also.

For many days, he was in try to find the reason from me that Why I have reported him? Even though he was being kind and returned my money.

I guess, I taught him a lesson. It took a lot of patience.

My one mistake of not reading the rules carefully before going to a new thing.

Make yourself knowledgeable to escape from these fraudsters online.

Drop your take over this situation.

Thanks for Reading


One thought on “GameWithaFraud

  1. Be aware. This is the business world. No mercy no emotion. Nothing else. You can’t read a global face of so called humanity…


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