What matters??

We have learned from Buddha teachings that “Don’t let others spoil your inner peace”. Is it really easy to ignore or let go what people thinks about you.

Some times we act like we don’t care, then another time our mind starts thinking about each and every word said by others for us.

Life brings us through many phases, lots of ups and downs. We learn from different people by listening them whether that people are our parents, relatives, neighbors or society. We start believing in them the only difference we are aware that what to adopt and what to avoid .

Reality is that the day we realise ourselves. Where we stand ? what we want? what we are doing? why we are doing? where we want to reach?

When we got our vision clear we start avoid stupid & silly things .

Eventually, one should realise that what people thinks and says does not matter, but still we listen them because listening makes us more wise.


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