Plague of 21rst century

People are in throes of virtual epidemic. The numbers are quite staggering.

Have People lost the way of living?
In this era, many of us are living dulled and robotic life. The life which is completely devoid from the value and passion. We live in competitive culture where success is marked as biggest achievement of happy life.
And in that search we sometimes loose what we have with us, which is priceless.
We start cutting our self with family,relatives, and friends just to come in the list of achievers .In that very moment we start making our self unhappy & alone which drags us to the dark room.

“Achieving your goals is the part of your life not your life.”

Everything comes at correct time when you have believe and faith with your hard work.
For that no body should rush to get that. Work hard and have faith it will revert you soon .

Chin up & feet at the ground.


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