In this modern era we live with desire to live a perfect life and to live that wishful life we start forgetting every other things. The things which are most important part of our life.

We always hide our flaws to pretend that there is no imperfections, our mistakes which gives us lessons, our lies which gives strength to understand the importance of truth. Why we do so ? Answer is very simple just to show that “I am perfectly fine” .

Have you ever thought to say that I have a precious scar which reminds me the part of my life and I love to wear it, instead of saying that there is no scar and I am perfectly fine.

Or to admit that I did mistake and wow what a wonderful incident it was which taught me a lesson.

Or confess that yesterday I lied to you but today I want to apologize because I know now the importance of yours.

Untill we didn’t go wrong we don’t know what is right.

If we never taste the lie or mistake how we are going to judge what is taste of truth and correct things.

When the mistakes, lies & scars taught us a lot why we need to ignore and hide it. We should feel blessed that we got chance to improve it and thanks to that mistake.

We should wear our flaws and every incident with proud to show that this is me instead of pretending wrong and saying the false that I am perfect.

We should “embrace” what life gives us because that only makes us perfect not lies.


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