Dewy-eyes & soggy heart

Dewy-eyes and soggy heart,
Both of them said
It happens more often.
When cushion asked the reason
to those eyes.
they couldn’t reply,
What all they knows
to sob and let
her cushion get wet.
And dewy-eyes said
It happens more often.
cushion asked again

to that soggy heart.

it too couldn’t utter
it’s feeling in words,
What it all knows
is to hug the cushion tight
and let itself die.
And the heart said it happens more often.

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  1. Hey, guys i am very glad to announce that this is my first ever mystery blogger award.
    I am very thankful to “Shubham Verma” who has considered my efforts and nominated me for this award.
    He is such a good writer, he writes motivational blogs that really help people.
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    Okoto Enigma
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    Three things about me :
    1. I am all time student, try to keep learning always.
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    My life aspects
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    Ameet kothari

My five questions for nominees :

1.what is happy life for you?

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Here are some of my favourite write ups 👇

Thoughts and people

When it seems the world is turning to selfish world, i want to runaway!
Every look of this surroundings are snatching my confidence from my mind and attacking on my dignity.
Even that little part of the stone is hurting my feet and telling me that It won’t let me walk.
It’s like I am indebted of every one around me and I have to show the calculations of my each breathe I take.
When it seems the world is turning to cruel and harsh world, i want to runaway!
Sounds of some voices echoing in my ears and its painful.
Some glances towards me, it’s really piercing my body and I am feeling bleeding.
My head more often feels banging like hell when I think about the demon’s thinking of the people around me.
When it seems the world is turning to the place where I can’t survive, I want to run away!


She knows to love herself and she is beautiful. she takes decisions, manages mood swings and anger of hers
And keep herself safe from the fake charm.


She cares and treats with love and sometimes becomes the mother to heal the pain. She is content with mercy and blessings to shower it on love ones
And that makes her a lush dam.


She moves every walk with confidence.
She speaks passion for her work. She knows even to make people stand on feet to change the world.
And she feels so complete determined and calm.


She posses the courage of ocean. She is potent, powerful and dynamic
And that’s enough for her to take the world on palm.


My today’s post is dedicated to my wonderful sister 😘

windows and mirrors


Often, I am a whole another woman.
A woman who sighs with almond breaths,
oceanic concave shape of my face,
something like an oval,’with fingers typing “slow, breathe”
somewhere in this moist air.

This woman is inside my onion mind,
slithering an oculus bowl of chipped nights.
ah, eh, ah, eh
the voices are hollow,
and the dreams are crippled.
They modify too often, along with my neighbour’s talk.
I hear it like a tunnel.

Often, i am complete,
the stem of a leaking shoot.
The colours of my lovers words suffice the pain.
it happens, during the night,
i am not a sex object.
He makes me full.

Often, i just close my eyes,
these eyelids refuse to sleep,
they rather douse its callous mind in pain,
sobbing and sniffing
mirror plays a friend, too.
embossing my pain, love, all at once.

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I didn’t know when it happened

that my ribs itself became the prison for my heart
when my own red running fluid turned purple and frozen
I didn’t know when it happened
that my appealing urges set on heat of my burning cells

and my nerves duped to send impulses of healing sensations to my body

and left me on flat line
I didn’t know when it happened
that my red and yellow

saviours inside my bones got vexed on me and left me so feeble

I didn’t know that when it happened.

The heart wants!

The heart wants what it wants
It doesn’t know to compromise and not even any denial
It feels a deep Crave for freedom and a passion of diving deep and flying high
It wants every beat of it live
like tide of the ocean and wind of the hurricane
It doesn’t know to pretend and not even want to see fake
It’s the heart and it wants what it only wants
Seeking for the real world to dip in and don’t want to pour itself in fake
Desires for unblended love
and unbeaten taste of dreams
It doesn’t know to survive and to accept mixed
It’s the heart and it wants what it wants