It has been said in so many ways that your life is your responsibility.

You create your happiness by your own choices in life.
Are these ideas really exist in real life also? Can really one follow this concept of “my life my decisions” without thinking of people around?
No one can be selfish if one is connected with different feelings. And specially when these people are your very close ones.
So why we are being taught of freedom of choices.
These concepts which we read and listen through our seniors and elders are mere a pleasing quotation.
And when you really try to fit these quotation in your real practicle life, lot many things start collide and crashing.
It’s just because there is no actual concept of being liberal in choices. You always have to care about the others in your life.
What you love to have may not be accepted or loved by the people around.
And here the story begins of misfitting of idea of “freedom of your own choice”.
The question here is not about fitting the quotation in your life whereas it’s a question of your wishes and your choices.
If you really want something then what your loved one should do about it.
They should consider your choice instead of raising their own choices for you.
And thinking that they have decided for your good.
Living a life is an art and each n’ everyone has particular way of creating so.
Let everyone choose his/her own color to fill in life.

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