This word shows positive and thoughtful meaning.This single word teaches high morals to humans.I would say ‘Generosity’ has become the precious gem these days because it has become rare and we can not find it easily.

Few people I have found with this precious gem who think of everything around in existence and which have life.

Who are they??

A blessing? OrMassenger of God?

No, they are humans like us. The only difference is they live with open heart ,keeping faith and being without selfishness.

Sometimes I ponder. It’s been long time I haven’t heard anyone saying for people around in this generation that he/she is a person of rich ethics and full of morals.It has become rare now to hear heartful opinions and wonderful views . Almost people around, are so busy in their own happiness and business .

People got so little heart in which they keep good for their own only .This generation have learned to ignore so finely today that even they can ignore to help needy .Why we can’t expect others now days to show greatness and mercy?
It’s a matter of laugh for me , but it’s true that Selfishness has become fashion these days. People show efforts only towards those things which has something to return in exchange.

Why we don’t have time today to serve around with open heart??

That beauty of humanity is getting disappear from the air around us.
Nobody wants to face adverse situation or unexpected things in their life but it should be accepted and faced by everyone because thats a part of life. How can anyone avoid a part of story to reach the moral?And if you do so, means you are looking at a part which you want to see and create your own selfish moral but not the real story of life.

Accept all odds with the all goods.

Let people be served and happy around you without any exchange.

Let’s get love and kindness share.

Don’t move with air tight packed heart, make space for others also .

Let people connected because it’s only way to spread humanity.God has created this world all connected so let’s keep this relationship pure and fulfilled.

Kindness is gift, everyone can afford to give!

Beautiful people

I am writing today with thoughtful mind and imagination of more beautiful people and more capable people around us.

We humans have much more ability & strength within us than we believe we have.We all discover it one day at some stage of life or at some situation and it happens just like that.
Why don’t we realise it early rather than waiting to got discovered. I put up this question cause I do imagine people awakened around us and believe me this world is beautiful. We can understand or realise that ability we have on correct time without being late.It’s not that much tough. Once you will start saying ‘Yes’ to the responsibility, you will automatically have a thoughtful positive mind. It only needs a little positive Yes by your side and then things get its way straight to the goal.So build a will inside you and show up and you will see the magic.

And I must say that, this needs awakened minds, healthy environment and a mentor in our life.A mentor is someone who shows you what you can’t see you in yourself by your own.
This is why ‘Guru’ ( teacher) is always considered as most important person in our life and even more than your parents.


Help yourself, by your own and sometimes others also. Believe in you. You are much more than you think. Be the light and shine.

And don’t let them say, you ain’t beautiful!


It has been said in so many ways that your life is your responsibility.

You create your happiness by your own choices in life.
Are these ideas really exist in real life also? Can really one follow this concept of “my life my decisions” without thinking of people around?
No one can be selfish if one is connected with different feelings. And specially when these people are your very close ones.
So why we are being taught of freedom of choices.
These concepts which we read and listen through our seniors and elders are mere a pleasing quotation.
And when you really try to fit these quotation in your real practicle life, lot many things start collide and crashing.
It’s just because there is no actual concept of being liberal in choices. You always have to care about the others in your life.
What you love to have may not be accepted or loved by the people around.
And here the story begins of misfitting of idea of “freedom of your own choice”.
The question here is not about fitting the quotation in your life whereas it’s a question of your wishes and your choices.
If you really want something then what your loved one should do about it.
They should consider your choice instead of raising their own choices for you.
And thinking that they have decided for your good.
Living a life is an art and each n’ everyone has particular way of creating so.
Let everyone choose his/her own color to fill in life.

Love rain

The magical mirrored wall around us become hazy with the fog in the rain.
We were diving into each others eyes and become mad in the love game.
As drops were slithering through the wall we were crawling our hand on hand.
Gulping, sipping, tasting all the love and its charm.
Fervour in the breathing of each for doting as it is going to be last.
Making love like an art on the foggy glass.
And that’s how the love in the rain were so fascinating like a dawn.



A word easy to take and tough to act on.
‘unselfishness’ and ‘generosity’
We often think about ourselves before thinking about the next someone. That’s the bitter reality of today’s world. You can also say this is smartness of this modern world.
I have felt personally about it.
Choosing your good over other person is your right. But sometimes it becomes tough to think about yourself.
Well, I feel in that case you should believe in yourself and your God.
In time you will get directed to the real path.
It’s magical to feel good after choosing others happiness over yours.
I do believe now in this saying that world’s greatest feeling is knowing that someone is happy just because of you.
And that happiness for me is one of the best feelings.
So, I will say here that sometimes
everybody should think about other person’s happiness over his/her happiness.
It’s all about choosing something for Nobel cause and magical experience.
Stay happy.