Worlds everything is in dynamic motion. Either you flow with it or raise above it.

Every single person should know to deal with emotions and situations.

Sometimes you need to find a way to make yourself safe from the situation and sometimes you need to fight to get over it.

People with soft heart and calm mind always suffer when it comes to selfish world and find a way to save themselves instead of fighting.

And that’s best way to make things out.

Sometimes flowing with the time is only solution because everything is temporary and we should know the art of flowing with the time.

7 thoughts on “Thoughtless

  1. I congratulate you Divya for writing such a superb post. I loved your lines….’soft heart and calm mind always suffer…..’.This is 100% true and i have experienced it in my life and am still experiencing it.You have such a matured mind and i love you for this…….
    Love and hug!

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