Divine Love…….!!!!!

I am re blogging a very valuable post from one of good thinker and social activitist.

I would like to name it as A NEW IDEA AND DIFFERENT EDUCATION.

Read it and write your opinion .


7 thoughts on “Divine Love…….!!!!!

      1. Yes, I had mentioned in my blog that I’m a member of an NGO to serve free education to poor students. But ma’am, I think this is not a social activity. This is our duty for deprived people or society. So, each and everyone people will do this till his or her last breath. And lastly again thank you soo much for reblogging this🙏🙏🙏🙏

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      2. You are working for a social cause and for a social Change so According to me it is a social activity… That’s a great thought of yours that you consider it as your duty.
        Well Thanks for inspiring me towards our social responsibility.

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