A word easy to take and tough to act on.
‘unselfishness’ and ‘generosity’
We often think about ourselves before thinking about the next someone. That’s the bitter reality of today’s world. You can also say this is smartness of this modern world.
I have felt personally about it.
Choosing your good over other person is your right. But sometimes it becomes tough to think about yourself.
Well, I feel in that case you should believe in yourself and your God.
In time you will get directed to the real path.
It’s magical to feel good after choosing others happiness over yours.
I do believe now in this saying that world’s greatest feeling is knowing that someone is happy just because of you.
And that happiness for me is one of the best feelings.
So, I will say here that sometimes
everybody should think about other person’s happiness over his/her happiness.
It’s all about choosing something for Nobel cause and magical experience.
Stay happy.

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