But is it really true?💢

Whatever time serves us in the plate of our life. We give that a name – destiny.

What we have now and what we will see in future, is that really depends on the destiny?

Is it fine to wait for things to happen by it’s own?

Well, I guess ‘NO’

I call it ‘the consequences of the actions’ and ‘ the fruit of the deeds’.

A man’s character decides his fate.

If you are waiting for the alarm clock to go and then you gonna wake to see the bright and shine . Then I would say that again you gonna found a heep of time at your door step. And again it will lead you to the path of the waiting balcony.

So, one day? Or day one. You decide.

“Actions are the seed of fate,deeds grow into destiny”.

9 thoughts on “FATE

  1. Thanks for sharing… destiny or not, the only way one will find happiness is to live life, not wait for it to happen…. 🙂

    “Every morning your have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.”

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  2. Superb! Brilliant! Splendid! I loved your last line. Yes, our life should be full of effort and action and let destiny take its own course of action.


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