“Only those can see the magic who believes in the magician.”

I have seen a raising child who was just below average and demotivated. I don’t know why I had faith in that child. I used to start talking with him in a very jolly nature because he was very shy and quite. I always tried to show him that I am just like him and that was the only way I made him realize that he was not alone. Days passes away, now he too started talking with me with confidence. My faith in him took me so far that when I return I can see a magical journey with that little child.

Sometimes great things or you may say unexpected things come with appreciation. Only you need to make that person differently able.

Today I read a news that a teacher thrashed I child because she was not prepared for exam.

Our teachers need to remind that every single child has different mind. A teacher needs to handle the child with love and appreciation not with threats.

I have felt and observed that how a person can be a magician.

So, let’s the magic began.


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