Fix my wings back.
When a parent don’t give a single chance to a girl to do something Which she can do, it’s like u have cut the wings which were waiting

with the aspiration and enthusiasm to fly higher.
She is supposed to get the equal chance as her brother or like another successful girls in the world.
But she is supposed to follow her parents to be a good daughter which is more important for a girl than anything else.
She cannot deny what her father is saying to do…
It’s a kind of feeling like somebody has filter your liberty that these are the things you are allowed to do and these are others which u don’t dare to think even to do..
It’s very painful when you can’t do what you want.
It’s very painful when you climb the stairs but the entrance gate is closed for you…
It’s very painful when you can’t see the trust in those eyes where it is supposed to be…

14 thoughts on “WINGS

  1. That happens to every girl in every home forced to be good daughter…. I feel current and upcoming generation has lot changed compared to 80’s.. now that’s a good news na..

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      1. No yar I mean if you compare our grandmothers they were treated lot worse… May be being a boy I don’t get to know all the pblms..But Upcoming generation is lot better for sure..

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      2. Yes, I agree our mothers and grandmothers have faced alot of problems.
        But that is our past. I just wrote about today’s problem.
        But thanks for reminding me about what we have today is like blessings.🙋
        We are changing and hopefully our upcoming generation will be more bless and fulfilled.

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