Love rain

The magical mirrored wall around us become hazy with the fog in the rain.
We were diving into each others eyes and become mad in the love game.
As drops were slithering through the wall we were crawling our hand on hand.
Gulping, sipping, tasting all the love and its charm.
Fervour in the breathing of each for doting as it is going to be last.
Making love like an art on the foggy glass.
And that’s how the love in the rain were so fascinating like a dawn.


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A word easy to take and tough to act on.
‘unselfishness’ and ‘generosity’
We often think about ourselves before thinking about the next someone. That’s the bitter reality of today’s world. You can also say this is smartness of this modern world.
I have felt personally about it.
Choosing your good over other person is your right. But sometimes it becomes tough to think about yourself.
Well, I feel in that case you should believe in yourself and your God.
In time you will get directed to the real path.
It’s magical to feel good after choosing others happiness over yours.
I do believe now in this saying that world’s greatest feeling is knowing that someone is happy just because of you.
And that happiness for me is one of the best feelings.
So, I will say here that sometimes
everybody should think about other person’s happiness over his/her happiness.
It’s all about choosing something for Nobel cause and magical experience.
Stay happy.

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Three lines

# I am sorry for what I have done to you in past.

# I forgive you for what you have done to me in present & I hold nothing bad against you in my heart.

# From today my every thought for you is compassion, love and blessings.
What we do to ourselves by doing this?

We gifted ourselves peace. We cleanse our head and radiant good and positiveness to our body.

A healthy mind and body means a healthy world.

So treat yourself good to make world better palace to live.

Let’s ourselves gifted with three lines in our daily life. Practicing these three line will boost your energy and keep you in peace.

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ARANEA – 👆 believer

Weaving Weaving and Weaving
So prolonged to preserve
My reverie
Still couldn’t weave it well
And thinking for all those
Day and night spent
What was the need where I was low why I couldn’t get it done
and again got frail and blown

But I am ARANEA keen and painstaking
My calibre doesn’t allow me to fail and break
m’ gonna weave it again until I gain
I will be Weaving Weaving and Weaving to preserve my reverie again.


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My sanctity!

The first sight of that light,

Glittering my whole life.
A supersonic, marvellous and overwhelming feeling filled in me all wide,
It’s nothing else but a feeling of enlightening .
What should I call you?
The light or the life long delight.
Thank you for choosing me and showing all those tides.
Sometime I am too frail to thank you and glorify.
But I see the glitters and shines all time.
And my heart keep seeing the light,
Just to fill the glitters again and again in my life.

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Dazzling thought!

A dazzling thought keeps crawling in the bed of my mind.

Pretends sheen and astonishing, endeavours to convince my mind.

A thought of desisting from the world of ills and cries.

A thought of sitting in the lap of River dale, staring at the twilight and listening to the singing bells.


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