Tough times & emotions!

It’s just a phase , some mood swings.
Few situations of up’s and downs.
This is time, who is testing us.
Nothing is parmanent.
We will be fine.
Tentions,  problems, pain and sorrow , these all drag us to the anger. And it’s natural.
All we need to hold ourself tightly.
Build up understanding.
Help each other.
Do not be self centred.
Think of lessening your pain but their also.
Don’t speak much, specially when you are in anger.
Just ponder, it will help you to calculate everything and will lead you to some solution.
Staying silent sometimes solve situations.
So its all about controlling yourself.

Build wisdom and stay strong



32 thoughts on “Tough times & emotions!

  1. Relatable. Even I am facing the problem of moodswings these days as days seems so dull, your plans are not working, what you expected has not been yet fulfilled.. So on and so forth.
    But, you well mentioned, silence and patience is sometimes worth it. ✌️

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