Opt Sensibility!

Most of time you mistaken by thinking that what your mind see is 
right what you think is right.
 What you see in others and think of them,
 they can be more than that. 
Never hurry to judge anyone.
You are not here to tell about someone’s goodness or badness. 
Rather you should be in habit of seeing positive and acting fair as well.
Before you talk about others and weighing their value, first you should weigh your own achievements.
See in you, find your existence, calculate your capabilities. Become confident and stand tall with your capabilities. Show your goodness. Serve everyone with kindness. Think of them and their problems as yours.

Act sensible with folks around and show positiveness . Make environment free from rubbish and stupidity.

Opting sensibility should be your choice.

Thanks for reading.

Do share your views.

Have a great time!👍


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