The word ‘Modernity’ or modern age is associated with individual. It’s base is in heart and mind of the human. The quality of thinking , behaving and working in society depicts the intension of individual’s mind. Modernity- It never comes with fashion and the things you carry. Rather it comes with the thoughts and believes Which you practice in society. It is denial of old conservative practices and rules. Decline of orthodox thoughts which created nuisance and disturbance to environment in past. It helps human to be more sensible and responsible towards humanity. It gives us a opportunity to create our today good for better tomorrow. It rises in individual as knowledge, wisdom, and new ideas. People should learn to rationalize modernity for it’s real essence instead of practicing into a wrong direction.

Call yourself modern, but not with the materialistic things. Do not boast & and talk proud of being fashionable. Carry your heart on your palm, Show compassion. Hold ethos in your talking & Beliefs in your practices.


24 thoughts on “Modernity!

  1. Agreed! we all have our own version of modernism… to me, it means letting go of old customs and traditions that cause damage and adopting new ones that are mentally and physically healthy!

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  2. Modernity should actually be about shedding redundant beliefs for new thoughts that can make life better and more fruitful – for yourself and for society at large. You’re right, we tend to link it with lifestyles instead.

    Lovely topic. Glad someone addressed it!


    Do drop by mine.

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  3. A great post Madam..!! 😊
    Thank you for sharing..
    Well, modernity is rejecting the customs which prove to be an unjust hindrance to your work, passions, health, safety or dreams. The customs might be old or even new.
    Liked reading the post..!! Thank you.. 😊

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