Life is so unpredictable. What is coming next no body knows.
Happenings and mishappenings happens just like that.
This life holds so many stories some happy some sad and some are those which cannot be named.

And I also know a duo of an unnamed story of him & her!

Both of them are like lifelike lovers who holds the same intensity for each other. But here she thinks he has something more in his heart than her .
His love has a different meaning when he think of her. He posses passion, love, adherence, and care in his heart .
A person with oceans of emotion and feelings like wide sky.
He stand tall with his believe and pride, who knows to fight with odds and situation.
He is rare soul in this world.
He loves her like anything in the world and she too.
Here it is two sided complete love but still out of frame of the life of each.
When they are both together all the affection and positivity surrounds them.
And if you want to know her, she is someone with very little dreams and most of it is about a happy andn lovable life.
She found him like answers of all the prayers to her god.
When she look into her eyes , she can be there for long time.
It’s his eyes where she can see and stay her whole life swirling around the endless love and happiness.
She blushes whenever he is around and the most important part, whenever he is around all the good part of her life start playing like magic. It’s a sign that she is having a lucky charm because whenever she gets apart all the magic starts getting vanished just like that without any reason.
They have something which only two of them can hold together.
Apart they can do nothing about love but only can pretend .

29 thoughts on “Him&Her🏵️

  1. “Life is so unpredictable. What is coming next no body knows.
    Happenings and mishappenings happens just like that” So,so true,I had a situation today that fits in with this quote.


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