Conscience – voice of soul

It’s a matter of complete desolation.
Human beings – means us!
We the men and women. We called as person who posses moral senses & ethics of judging, deciding and speaking “the right or wrong”.
But I find more often that this definition has been proving wrong again and again.
People are loosing their good mind and heart of thoughts. They know that some acts are wrong and hurting others but still they do so in greed of their own temporary good. Some people do it intentionality and some in the lack of awareness.
I still consider innocent to those who are unaware and uneducated but what about those who are well educated and doing so willingly.
I feel pity on them, nothing else.
Because I know-

“what they are reaping, one day they’re gonna sow it!”

Life is an echo,
It always gets back to you!
What you send out- comes back

What you give – you get

We are supposed to stand by the good in all situations as we are human beings of 21rst century. Humans of educated and strong culture. We are responsible for better tomorrow. Unless we are not considering good and acting upon that, we can’t provide healthy society to our next generation.

Think what is right!
Act what is ethical!

Speak what holds conscience!

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