ARANEA – 👆 believer

Weaving Weaving and Weaving
So prolonged to preserve
My reverie
Still couldn’t weave it well
And thinking for all those
Day and night spent
What was the need where I was low why I couldn’t get it done
and again got frail and blown

But I am ARANEA keen and painstaking
My calibre doesn’t allow me to fail and break
m’ gonna weave it again until I gain
I will be Weaving Weaving and Weaving to preserve my reverie again.


19 thoughts on “ARANEA – 👆 believer

  1. Good morning dear, can you please add me @SK8sandhu on twitter, nice to know you here, incase i reply late , pardon me . May away but will reply you within short ,
    Thank you so much , best regards, SKS-

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