Holy curiosity!

Let your curiosity wander unleashed.

My favourite words are possibilities, oppurtunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors you create possibilities.

Don’t take things for granted.
If you just accept the world as it is without trying to dig deeper, you will certainly lose the β€˜holy curiosity’. Never take things for granted. Try to dig deeper beneath the surface of what is around you.
An intense curiosity is exposure to your outlook. It’s always fascinating to explore and know more and more about the thing. The beauty of curiosity is like you always have one new toy to play.
Without going through anything you won’t be able to find the real thing. It’s always right to go one step beyond to experience and explore and know more. The thing can be a person, place, love, truth, fact etc.

Curiosity is trait of genius,
It gives you wings to fly.
Curiosity is gate of Venus,
It gives you strings to go up high.

Thus, let’s your intense curiosity wander and find its gate of Venus and know more and more about the beauty and truth of everything around you.

19 thoughts on “Holy curiosity!

  1. very nicely presented!
    On lighter note, Curiosity of others also gave so many things to us to mug up before the exam, from gravitational laws to Einstein Equation. Curiosity makes life complicated πŸ˜›

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  2. I agree. Curiosity is the indication of a mind that is alive, active and kicking. Without curiosity there will be no discovery and not attempt to improve life.

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