The Fortitude

Strength of spirit, or fortitude, helps us cope with difficulties and overcome our limitations

We have within us a tendency to give way, to be soft on ourselves, to refuse to take on any laborious project because of the effort involved. In other words, human nature, created by God for the highest things but weakened by sin, is capable of both great sacrifices and of great treachery.
I see “the fortitude” as a patience because petience teaches us to love our dream in daily form to achieve it.

Patience is a part of the virtue of fortitude.

It is well known and understood that we need to fight with obstacles to find a way to get the thing what we want. But sometimes we forget the spirit with which we started. At that point we need to remind only not giving up on our dream..
The point of time when we decide to drop , that’s the time where you need to take pause instead of giving up.
One should always keep recalling and reminding his/her dreams and the spirit with which he started.
Your confidence is your real jewel when you wear it with pride you are the most beautiful person.
Only we need to know that how to carry it with you.
When it feels tough,start loving it.

When it seems far,start looking for it.


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