It’s really not that hard

In today’s world, everything moves so fast – our thoughts and words included.

How often do we actually stop to vocalise the little compliment or kind greeting that we thought, but were in too much of a rush to say?

“Words” which we use to communicate has consequences some are good and some are bad. It is always powerful to make things beautiful and memorable and sometimes it ruin and hurt.
You may forget your deceitful speech but the receiver can never. You may never know how deep it can hurt somebody. And the day when you realise, everything is out of your hand.
Because the words once spoken can only be forgiven not forgotten.

Our mind is so busy and sometimes so much in anger that even we cannot control what should we speak.
And it results a deep regret about what we did.
So, Always choose to be soothing to someone’s

Yes, sometimes situation gets complicated but it’s really not that hard , if you try you can control.
Instead of bursting out ,stay silent for that particular moment.
Because we know perverse tongue crushes the spirit and soothing tongue is a life of tree.


Gentle words turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.


34 thoughts on “It’s really not that hard

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    1. Thanks for appreciation..I am just inspired by the good lines of Bible and very thankful to God for helping me understanding the things so clearly.
      And trying to share it ..🌼

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    1. I don’t know about your mom why she is like this.
      Sometimes we can’t Change few things and we have to accept it just as it is..
      But all I know that the person who gets angry quick and lose temper is in need of love and affection.
      This is one of my personal experience- I also have felt this situation when you are not having loving mate or people around you that time your emotions gets attacked by anger.

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  1. Very nice and very wise post. As someone said rightly, word that comes out of mouth is like an arrow that comes out of a bow, cannot be reversed. So weigh what you say.

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