Touch has memory

A touch of skin to skin is magical.

It is very easy to understand but hard to observe. Human body sends the essence of every single touch to our mind and even soul. And that way our body/soul/mind keep collecting all the touches as memories. And it never ever forgets.

It is incredibly amazing when you feel that how a person remember another person just with a touch without listening and seeing. It is because we humans possess the magical sense to remember averything lifelong.

A best example of this magical touch is a relationship of baby to mother and a lover to his beloved. The affectionate touch is the way to keep somebody in your memories forever.

And that is why we shake hands or hug with warmth to make memories.

A blind can feel or recognise every single touch and smell of person he/she met with. It just proves that we collect memory as we touch anybody with affection.

Every single touch has its story

be careful before you make one

With time it will give u glory

be cheerful and have the fun.


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